5 Lesser-Known Kitchen Paper Towel Uses That Will Surprise You

04 December, 2023PSC Corporation

When you think of paper towels, the first thing that probably comes to mind is cleaning up spills and wiping down surfaces in the kitchen. But did you know that these handy little sheets have a plethora of other uses that can make your life easier and more convenient?

From removing stubborn stains to keeping your produce fresh, there are countless ways to use kitchen towels around the house that you may not have even thought of.

Explore five lesser-known kitchen paper towel uses that will surprise you and make you wonder how you ever lived without them.

1. Dry dishes

When it comes to drying dishes after washing them, many people opt for a reusable cloth or dish towel. However, what they do not realise is that using a cloth promotes the buildup of moisture, leading to bacteria transferring from the cloth to cleaned and washed dishes. This can potentially result in cross-contamination and increase the risk of foodborne illness.

This is where kitchen towels come into play — not only are they a more hygienic option for drying dishes, but they are also more convenient to use. With a quick swipe, you can easily and effectively dry your dishes without worrying about the spread of bacteria. 

2. Keep produce fresh for longer

The moisture in fruits and vegetables is one of the primary causes of decay, so it is important to keep them as dry as possible. Lining the container or bag with a piece of paper towel helps to absorb excess moisture and prevent the buildup of bacteria that can cause produce to spoil.

In addition to keeping your produce dry, kitchen towels can also help to prevent bruising and damage. Simply wrap delicate fruits in a paper towel before placing them in the fridge or fruit bowl, protecting them from bumps while also absorbing any excess moisture.

3. Prevent splatter when microwaving food

Microwaving food is a quick and convenient way to prepare meals, but it can often result in messy splatters and spills. A roll of microwave-safe paper towels will come in handy — place a sheet over the top of the food before microwaving and it will absorb any spills or splatters, making cleanup quick and easy.

4. Prevent frozen bread and pastry from turning soggy

Freezing bread and pastry is a great way to extend their shelf life but often results in soggy and unappetising results. Fortunately, kitchen towels can be used to prevent frozen bread and pastry from turning soggy. 

Place a piece of kitchen towel with your loaf of bread or pastry before freezing, then leave it in place when thawing to continue absorbing any excess moisture. This nifty trick keeps your bread or pastry crispy and fresh once heated up. 

5. Soak up moisture from ingredients before seasoning or cooking

When cooking or seasoning ingredients, it is often necessary to remove excess moisture before starting. Moisture can cause oil to splatter, prevent ingredients from cooking properly and cause seasoning to coat unevenly.

While tissues may seem like a viable alternative to paper towels, they are thin and often stick to ingredients and leave residue behind, making the cooking process even harder. Use a paper towel instead to ensure that no residue is left behind when soaking up moisture.

It is key to use a brand that is strong and absorbent as cheaper and lower-quality kitchen towels may not work as well.

Kitchen towels: your trusty sidekick

Kitchen towels are truly versatile and invaluable household items to have in your home.

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